Who writes your courses?Our courses are written by the professor and experts. Each course is also reviewed internally before advertising for it by Forum for Training and Consulting to ensure ease-of-use and the highest quality standards when accessing your training through Forum!
Who will be my tutor? Our teaching team consists of highly experienced tutors and facilitators with excellent knowledge and committed to assisting you develop practical business and workplace skills. Our team is equipped with all the teaching techniques and relevant qualifications. Our tutors and experts have a range of local, national and international business experience.
How do I enroll in these programs? As there are a limited number of places available for each course, you are required to contact our offices for your registration. When the next intake date is finalized, you will be advised of the date and time of the workshop.
How can I purchase a training program? Payments should be made by the following methods: 1- cash, 2- Credit card, 3- Bank transfer to our account, 4- Checks. These methods depend on the country where the courses take place. Therefore, feel free to call us for further details.
I am interested in purchasing several training programs, will I get discount? Forum for Training and consulting is designed to fit with your needs. It is our goal to have you as our clients, therefore, a special discount will be given for those who want to participate in more than one.
We are a group of friends and like to take a training course together, will we get any discount?Forum for Training and consulting encourages participants to come in groups since it adds flavor to the group dynamic. The more you are, the more discount you get!!!
we are a company which is interested in in-house training, is there a possibility? One of our company's goals is to bring the training to your door step. Just tell us what you want and we will be more than happy to make it come true. Of course special prices are given to in-house training programs.
What participant support does Forum for Training and consulting offer? We pride ourselves in offering a high standard of support to all participants in our programs. We work closely with participants to ensure they receive all the support they need to complete the program. As well, we use modern equipment and techniques in applying all our programs.
Can I get a participation certificate? Yes. Forum for Training and Consulting provides participants with participation certificates which can be used to show your managers your progress.
Am I eligible to enroll in your programs? Our programs are given in both Greek and English languages. Participants should inform us in which class they intend to enroll as well should check the workshops' guidelines for participation. Should the information wanted is not available, you are welcome to contact us.
I am in a wheelchair - can I take one of your programs? Our learning facilities have wheelchair access.

Επίκαιρα Σεμινάρια


file icon pdf Ο Νέος Κανονισμός Προστασίας Προσωπικών Δεδομένων

file icon pdf Φορολογία Ν.Π. μη Κερδοσκοπικού Χαρακτήρα

file icon pdf Περιγράμματα Γενικών & Ειδικών Θέσεων Εργασίας

file icon pdf Εφαρμογή Κινητικότητας Υπαλλήλων στη Δημόσια Διοίκηση

file icon pdf Προετοιμασία & Μεθοδολογία Δομημένης Συνέντευξης Συμβουλίων Επιλογής Προϊσταμένων & Υπηρεσιακών Συμβουλίων

file icon pdf Απονομή Μισθολογικών Κλιμακίων - Κρατήσεις - Εισφορές σύμφωνα με το Ν.4387/2016

file icon pdf Ασφάλιση Αιρετών Οργάνων - Μετακλητών Υπαλλήλων ΟΤΑ

file icon pdf Τα βήματα Διαγωνισμών Δημοσίων Συμβάσεων Έργων & Πρακτική Εκπαίδευση

file icon pdf Τα βήματα Ηλεκτρονικής Ανάρτησης Διακηρύξεων στο Ε.Σ.Η.ΔΗ.Σ. Έργων & Μελετών

file icon pdf Τα βήματα Διαγωνισμών Δημοσίων Συμβάσεων Αγαθών & Γενικών Υπηρεσιών (Ν.4412/2016)



file icon pdf Ο Νέος Κανονισμός Προστασίας Προσωπικών Δεδομένων

file icon pdf Οι Νέες Αλλαγές Εργασιακών Σχέσεων & Διοικητικών Κυρώσεων από την Επιθεώρηση Εργασίας

file icon pdf Τήρηση & Χρήση Π.Σ. ΕΡΓΑΝΗ

file icon pdf Νέες Διατάξεις Φ.Π.Α.

file icon pdf Νέες Διαδικασίες Εισαγωγής - Εξαγωγής Εμπορευμάτων στα πλαίσια του Νέου Ενωσιακού Τελωνειακού Κώδικα

file icon pdf Εκπαίδευση Χειριστών Περονοφόρων - Γερανοφόρων & Ανυψωτικών Μηχανημάτων (με Πιστοποίηση)

file icon pdf Δημόσιες Συμβάσεις για Διαγωνισμούς Αγαθών & Υπηρεσιών & Συμπλήρωση ΕΕΕΣ & Τ.Ε.Υ.Δ.

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